About Us

     Calibrick is comprised of two AFOLs - well, one AFOL and one AEOL (Adult Enabler of LEGO) - in sunny Southern California.
     You're reading this because of the male half of the team... all of this is the husband's fault (in the most wonderful of ways!).
     In 2012, husband was looking for new ways for wife to distract herself. She deals with 24/7 debilitating pain, and he wanted her to find new ways to hit that "just right" level of distraction. Fortunately, she is a complete geek with a quirky mix of hobbies. She always loved bouncing between plastic starship model kits, counted cross stitch, 3D metal art (e.g., PieceCool, Metal Earth 3D), and generally just nerding out over her favorite shows and films (primarily SF, fantasy, and horror). 
     That Christmas, Mr. Lego spoiled Mrs. Lego mercilessly, trying to find a new hobby for her to try her hand it - including a LEGO Tie Fighter, LEGO Y-Wing Fighter, and LEGO X-Wing Fighter. Those were her first-ever LEGOs (at the tender age of 44). She was actually skeptical at first, but intrigued, having no prior experience with LEGO. In the 60s/70s, parents typically did not buy their daughters LEGO sets. Though she did have parents that bought her Planet of the Apes and Star Trek dolls (we'd call them "poseable action figures" today, for some reason) to go along with her Barbies... so don't feel too bad for her there, her geekness was nurtured from a young age by a pretty open-minded mom.
     Trying her hand, it immediately was love at first errr click. She needed more! The elegant simplicity of the plate, the brick, the liftarm, the pin... the mindlessness of following instructions and watching a structure come to life in front of her eyes... all of it was perfect. It required concentration, but not that much... so it remained relaxing, yet distracting from her pain. On super-bad days, she could even "LEGO" in bed. LEGO rocked!
     Their bank account from late 2012 to present may regret that Christmas, but neither spouse does! 
     Since then, they've bought older sets and local lots to help her part out some of the more extraordinary structures published over the past twenty years, cheerfully littering their home with an eclectic mix of UCS Star Wars, Technic builds, and their shared favorite, Modular Buildings. The Star Wars (LEGO), Halo (Megablok), LEGO Creator, and The Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys) building block homage in their dining room (there is a perfectly good kitchen to eat in, who needs a dining room?) in particular makes for some awesome decor!
     Six years later, husband and wife found themselves with a lot of extra parts. Combine that with rising LEGO costs (really, rising "everything" costs) and stagnant wages, and you get the store you're visiting. They also wanted to combine this with a way to give back, in some small way, to the CCFA, an organization that has given so much to them over the years. You can read more about CCFA under the Terms of Service page.
     While Mr. and Mrs. Lego have bought many parts, sets, and custom instructions over the years online, this is their first foray into sales. Both of them sincerely hope that they provide you with the same positive shopping experience that so many of their peers here have for them over the years.
     Happy bricking!
Last Updated: 22 Apr 2018