Terms of Service

Please take a moment to review Calibrick's terms of service. Select any link below to jump to more detailed information.
- Fees (Short answer: None!)
- Order Minimums (Short answer: None!)
- Lot Limits (Short answer: None!)
- Shipping Costs
- Insurance
- Ordering Terms
- Dispatch Times
- Packaging
- Oops!
- Cancellations and Returns
- CCFA Donations
- Resellers
- Communication
- Feedback
We do not charge handling, payment, or other additional fees. You only pay our listed prices, posted shipping rates (most offer insurance options and all include free delivery tracking), and if you reside in California, sales tax.
Order Minimums
There are no minimum orders with Calibrick. Buy a single Technic pin or a 1 x 1 plate only, if that's what you need! 
Lot Limits
There are no lot limits with Calibrick, though orders with a high volume of unique lots may take an additional day to process. 
     Buyers selecting First Class Mail for delivery may optionally insure their orders (we use the USPS). Calibrick is not responsible for refunding an uninsured order that included delivery tracking and confirmation. We provide delivery tracking and confirmation as a no-cost service for all orders.
     We require insurance for orders over $100.00 in value - this and other options are built into your checkout experience. Priority Mail and Express Mail are insured for the first $50 by USPS at no charge. Please review our Shipping Rates and Options page for additional information. 
     In the rare case when an insured order is not received, USPS refunds Calibrick only after they have conducted an investigation, which can take many weeks. Far longer then either of us would like. Your order is refunded within 24 hours from when we are refunded by USPS You will be copied on or forwarded all electronic communications in these rare scenarios, so that you're always as in-the-loop as we are.
Ordering Terms
-  You must be a minimum of 18 years of age or be accompanied by your guardian when placing an order online with Calibrick. 
-  By submitting an order to Calibrick, you are entering into a purchasing contract with us and are agreeing to Calibrick's
   Terms of Service. 
-  You are also agreeing to and understand that Calibrick will only deliver to your registered PayPal address, regardless of 
-  You are agreeing to and understand that Calibrick is legally obligated to collect sales tax at Chula Vista and California rates from
    California buyers. If you are a tax exempt reseller, please see the resale section for our tax exempt process and terms.
-  You are agreeing to and understand that photographs and LEGO Ldraw images on this site provide a reasonably accurate 
    rendering of the product you are purchasing, but that LEGO images in particular may not accurately portray the color of an
    item once produced in ABS and other plastics. Additionally, video card and monitor quality may not 100% accurately display 
    product colors.
-  Calibrick commits to making at a minimum monthly donations to the CCFA totaling a minimum of 10 percent of all sales 
   (less shipping and taxes) for the previous sales period.
-  Calibrick reserves the right to refuse an order at our discretion.
Dispatch Time
Orders are pulled, packed, and shipped in the order received. Typically, orders received and paid for by 4:30PM Pacific Time are packed that same evening and dropped at the USPS the next business day by no later than 1:00PM (Monday-Saturday). USPS is closed on Sundays and major US holidays. Note that large orders may require additional processing time. On the very rare occasion (i.e., medical emergency), we may close the store temporarily. Orders in-process will still be fulfilled or the affected buyers will be emailed to ask if a delay is acceptable or if cancellation is preferred.
     Calibrick ships orders in tear-resistant bubble mailers and larger part orders and sets in boxes with protective material (e.g., bubble wrap). 
     Parts within orders are placed inside clear baggies, with all bags placed within a larger clear bag to (1) ensure nothing is lost in shipment; to facilitate our quality control; and (3) to ensure no parts are inadvertently left in the packaging by the buyer.
      We separate NEW and USED parts in different polybags; minifigures are packed in their own polybag. Frequently we will place different lots in different inner bags, though there are reasonable exceptions, e.g., if it makes more sense to place several lots consisting of one item each into a single bag. 
     In the end, our goal is to pack the items the way we like to receive them as buyers. We personally dislike it when plates are snapped together end-to-end or everything is just tossed loose into a bag unsorted.
     Calibrick is comprised of two human beings - super-imperfect ones at that, though we do try very hard. Unfortunately, when you have over 100,000 parts, perfection is pretty unachievable.
     If an item you ordered is out of stock (e.g., we placed it into the wrong bin or we made a data entry error), we will advise you via email and immediately refund you for that item as well as part or all of your shipping - we don't want you to lose money having to place a second order with another vendor (we sure hate that when it happens to us!). If it's a sizable portion of your order or an expensive item, we will communicate with you first to determine if you wish to cancel the order. 
     Though we carefully remove any items we find to be damanged, if we spot an uncommunicated issue with a part during packing (i.e., we didn't notice a major scratch when sorting and listed the item as good), we'll let you know via email, refund you for that item, and ship it to you anyway as a placeholder part. Again, if it's a sizable portion of your order or an expensive item, we will communicate with you first to determine if you wish to cancel the order.
     While mistakes are not the norm (we do try very hard!), in the event you find your order is missing an item or is not of expected quality (see our criteria), first and foremost, please accept our sincere apologies. We're AFOLs, and really do strive to give you an enjoyable, fair, and easy buying experience. Please contact us immediately so that we can apologize more formally and work with you to rectify the situation to your satisfaction in a friendly and professional manner.
Cancellations and Returns
Buyers may cancel their order at any time the order remains in the "processing" status. After that, the item has been packed and is on its way to delivery. We do not accept or refund returns, unless we are in an "oops" situation (see Oops section above) and have previously discussed the issue.
CCFA Donations
     Calibrick donates 10 percent of all product sales (sans shipping and taxes) to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). The CCFA simply holds a very special place in our hearts for the decades of help they have given to our family. This is just our small way of giving back.
     We submit your donations biweekly or monthly (depending on sales volume), crediting that period's buyers using their Brickowl User ID. You can track your donation and verify this information by visiting Calibrick's CCFA Fundraising Page at any time.
     What is the CCFA? "The CCFA is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding the cures for Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. It was founded in 1967 by Irwin M. and Suzanne Rosenthal, William D. and Shelby Modell, and Henry D. Janowitz, M.D."
     "Since [their] founding nearly five decades ago, the CCFA has remained at the forefront of research... fund[ing] cutting-edge studies at major medical institutions, nurtur[ing] investigators at the early stages of their careers, and financ[ing] underdeveloped areas of research... the [United States] National Institutes of Health (NIH) has commended [CCFA] for "uniting the research community and strengthening IBD research. Beyond research, the CCFA is collaborating with health care providers to improve IBD quality of care, as well as educating, supporting, and empowering patients and their caregivers through patient-centric education and advocacy programs."
If you are a licensed California reseller and are making a purchase strictly for the purpose of resale, please provide a scanned image (e.g., Adobe PDF, most image formats) of your current seller's permit to us and we will log your information to automatically remove sales tax from your orders. This must be done prior to placing any resale order.
     Communication is super important to us. For our part, Calibrick checks messages at least once per day (we both have full-time jobs in addition to running this store) and we typically reply within 24 hours or less. We immediately update your order's status in Brickowl and provide any tracking information (depending upon your shipping method) via Brickowl as soon as we have it - simply view your order and the tracking ID field for real-time status from USPS. We also immediately communicate any issues we run into on our end (please see our Oops section).
     Your purchasing experience is greatly enhanced if you in turn proactively communicate any issues, needs, or concerns to us that you may have. We're reasonable, friendly, cheerful AFOLs that very much want you to have an easy, fast, and relaxing experience with our store.
Calibrick leaves positive feedback on your Brickowl account immediately upon shipment - we do not wait for you to post. Hey, you gave us an order and some of your hard-earned money - you did your part, for which we gratefully appreciate! Successful stores are made (or ended) based on buyer feedback, so if you do enjoy a good purchasing experience with us, feedback is always gratefully, gratefully appreciated.
Last Updated: 6 Oct 2019