New/Used Definitions

This is exactly what you should expect: NEW LEGOTM parts or instructions right out of the package, or factory-sealed sets and gear. There are a few things buyers should take note of when purchasing NEW products from Calibrick:
     *  All NEW sets and gear are factory-sealed unless otherwise noted in the item's storefront listing.
     *  NEW does not necessarily equal flawless factory packaging. On occasion there are minor dings and dents from the factory or
        source retailer. Please contact us if you would like to verify the packaging's condition prior to purchase.
     *  Collectible minifigures are removed from their blind bags (1) for identification; (2) carefully assembled to avoid further 
        scratches/damage and part loss; (3) and immediately placed in new protective packaging.
     *  NEW minifigures removed from NEW sets are treated the same as collectible minifigures. Of exception are figures such as Bane
        that include individual factory-sealed parts. Individual parts are left factory-sealed.
     *  NEW parts are (1) extra parts from our NEW personal sets immediately moved to store inventory, or (2) derive from a new set, 
        handled only for sorting and storage. Any other product source is considered USED, regardless of product quality.
     *  NEW products are packed separately from USED products in our deliveries.
     *  Note that new parts do not equal flawless. Almost every LEGOTM part has very light scratches from rubbing against each
        other in factory packaging during shipment to their warehouse.
Every item is a USED LEGOTM part, instruction, set, or gear that has been previously played with or otherwise handled beyond sorting. If a product doesn't source straight from a NEW set into our inventory, we list it as USED. We clean and disinfect all USED parts; we then remove any items that do not meet our criteria and list the remaining. Calibrick's criteria for USED parts includes: 
     *  Used-New: If you didn't know the part's source, it looks so clean you'd assume it's new. Includes only very light scratches from 
        rubbing against other parts in factory packaging. We rarely allocate this condition to our parts (it is rarely worth the effort), but
        when we do, we mean it!
     *  Used-Good: Includes common play wear (e.g., minor scratches and dings from wear, but nothing aggregious such as bite marks, 
        gouges, ripped stickers, damaged studs, or other issues that would affect building. Bottom line, we would be use this item.
     *  Used - Acceptable: These have noticeable issues as described in the item's listing. Not poor enough to make the recycle bin, 
        but not a part we would normally use, either. Best used as a placeholder or in a hidden area of your build. 
     *  Trash Bin (Recycle): You never see parts with bite marks, stud damage, significant discoloration, torn stickers, and other issues 
        that would interfere with play and display. We recycle this with our local refuse company.
We are far from perfect. If in the rare case an item that doesn't satisfy our criteria sneaks through initial sorting, listing, and packaging review to your mailbox, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to work with you to make our error right!
Last Updated: 21 Apr 2018